Happy Easter - I Love You
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AA 2021.05.02 ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ Another Sunday, the Easter Day for the Orthodox Church.

ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ. Another Sunday Easter Day for the Orthodox Church, and I was allowed to talk with my Children.

Unfortunately, our communication started after 19:00 Swedish time (20:00 in Belarus). My children were fatigued because it was a day with a lot of Church activities regarding Liudmila, their mother.

I am happy even for the slightest chance I am given to communicate with my Kids, whom I miss like crazy. However, I do not have any other option than to accept the situation as it is.

I tried not to keep my children on Viber for too long because it was apparent that both were very tired. My Anthoula still remembers the Greek language but cannot express the words. However, she and Alexandra sang a religious song in connection to Easter in the Greek language😊.

I showed the parcels with presents I bought for them and the Roller-Blades for Anthie’ as a birthday present to make her happy.

Birthday Presents for Anthoula 9 y.o.

I feel that my daughter Anthie’ is sad, that she has a sad appearance every time we talk to each other via Viber. I am worried and sad about it because I understand the reasons. My angel wants to have a complete family or at least to be near each other so we can meet on a daily basis. This crushes my heart because I can not change it in the lawless State of Belarus, where criminals are in power with fanatic people who are blinded by their extreme nationalistic and religious beliefs. I fight against it for four years!

At the same time to hear Ms. Trafimovich saying that everything is good and beautiful in Belarus. Indeed, the city center of Minsk is beautiful, but everything stops there.

I also took the opportunity to ask where Alexandra will go to school. Ms. Trafimovich once again avoided giving me any answer the same way she did when I asked her about Anthie’ almost three years ago. I already know that Alexandra will also attend the same school as Anthie, unfortunately!

Regarding Trafimovich, this is a good school with small groups (max ten children) with excellent and dedicated teaching staff. I could not resist answering Ms. Trafimovich’s provocation and asked why Anthie’ was behind in Maths and English if everything was perfect in this school.

Is it because Andrei Lemeshonok, his priests, and teachers are dedicated to manipulating, brainwashing, and indoctrinating children to become dedicated supporters of the filthy “Russian World” instead of teaching them what they really will need in their future lives (!?)?

I have been following the School Ixhvis under the leadership of the Neo-Nazi Andrei Lemeshonok since the day I found out that Anthoula was admitted there. Taking into account the frequency of teachers leaving or changing at this school since 2018 in connection with all the scandals around Andrei Lemeshonok’s dubious personality only creates many huge questions about the quality and purpose of the school Ixhvis.

October 2022 SCHOOL IXHVIS-Creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation at the Monastery

St. Elisabeth Convent Military Campus for Children

I could write more on the topic but choose to stop as I become angrier and angrier when I think of what the Charlatans Andrei Lemeshonok together with Lukashenko and his filthy GANG, are doing to my CHILDREN and all other CHILDREN at this so-called School!

Tribunal for the Charlatan Lemeshonok and the Terrorist Lukashenko.

Orthodox Easter Day 2021,
Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2021