On a Picknik few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas 2017
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AA 2022.03.06 Congratulations to my Daughters and all the women of the world

Congratulations to my Beloved Daughters, Anthoula and Alexandra, and all the women of the world

International Womans Day 2022

Dear Anthoula & Alexandra, Time passes very fast, and every day something new comes up.
Suddenly, you are in the center of a war zone. I don’t know anything about you both, and my heart is bleeding. I live a Nightmare.

Thus, I would like to congratulate both of you and Mamma for the women’s day on the 8th of Mars. I love you both and am always with you, Anthoula and Alexandra. May you both be safe and healthy to endure the challenges some ruthless and irresponsible people forced you to attend.

Womans Day 8th of Mars

Try to be strong, Anthoula and Alexandra, and never give up like Artemy from the Hellenic mythology, who never gave up until she overcame all the difficulties and challenges. Daddy is always near you and with you, my dearest children. Remember that both of you have at least 50% Hellenic genes, and nobody can take that away from you!

Remember that, and never forget that even if some primitive and degenerated people try hard to erase that, they will never succeed. Their souls are full of lies, and they hate everything different from their primitive “Russian World”.

Artemy from the Hellenic Mythology

For many weeks now, Daddy has tried to call you at home. The few times somebody picked up the phone, I was put on hold, and after 3-4 minutes, the English-speaking lady returned to tell me, “Just a minute”. This procedure went on several times until Daddy realized this was the new strategy and planning to make Daddy tired and lose control. Thus, Daddy never lost control but got very sad and hurt that Mamma was using such primitive methods to cut me off from you completely.

Mamma miscalculated many things, and everything is turning back like a boomerang now. The only one who pays the highest price is you, Anthoula, and our Alexandra. Thus, it didn’t have to be this way! I hope mamma will get back her senses and realize that what she does to you both and Daddy is wrong. Daddy wants to help Mamma unconditionally because he knows she has been fooled and manipulated to believe in lies and fairy tales of ruthless people. People who never really cared about her or you, my children, but they poison others with lies, hatred, and extremism for some reason!

These ruthless people are far away from the war zone in Belarus, secure and with their families. In contrast, both of you are far away from Daddy, who cannot protect you and who doesn’t know if you are well or not, in a country with a crazy pseudo-leader who is destroying Belarus more and more every day.

From Daddy with endless Love to my beloved daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra.

My Love for Anthie and Alexandra

Your Papa Nicolaos,
2022.03.06 Stockholm
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra