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AA 2022.04.15 Easter Greetings to My Beloved Daughters Anthoula and Alexandra

My Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra,

Another year, and I am far away from you both, but it will be Easter again in a few days.

I hope and pray that you are well and that you will have a Joyful Easter Celebration with Mamma, Uncle Igor, Aunt Svetlana, Olga, and her daughter.

Easter Greetings to my Beloved Daughters Anthoula and Alexandra 2022

Please avoid taking communion from the same spoon (have your spoon with you), and do not kiss the hands of priests and the icons when you visit the church. Daddy is afraid that you will get sick again, and I hope Mamma understands the risks.

It is tough to be far away from you, Anthoula, and Alexandra and not to be able to celebrate Easter with you and hear your voices. I imagine that we could be in Hellas to celebrate Easter together with Aunt Anastasia, Basilis, Litsa, Anna, Stavros, and Sofia.

Both of you would surely be overwhelmed with the Easter Spirit in Hellas, which is a ritual performed by all the Greeks. It is exceptional everywhere, with many barbecues, special Easter dishes, and ”Tsoureki,” which you both liked so much.

This year, Daddy ordered some unique Easter candles from Hellas for you, Anthoula, Alexandra, and Olga’s daughter, your cousin, instead of doing them himself like I did the last two years. But I couldn’t send them to you together with chocolate and presents. That is because there are strict sanctions implemented on everything for Belarus and Russia because of the war in Ukraine, and I cannot send you any letters or cards anymore as I did before.

Here are some photos of the candles Anna (Basilis daughter) sent to me from Greece. They all send you a lot of Hugs and Kisses and wish all of you a Joyful Easter.

Easter Candles for my Beloved Daughters Anthoula and Alexandra

By the way, Anthoula, Anna is now studying at the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica in the faculty for International Economy, European Law, and Political Science. She wants to become a Diplomat, and most likely, she will do her Master’s in Sweden or England. If she decides to study in Sweden, Anna will stay in our home in Stockholm.

Easter from our Home 2022

Handmade Easter Candles for my Children

Daddy decorated these candles for you last year

With endless Love for you, Anthoula and Alexandra, from Daddy Nicolaos

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2022
Reviewed, 2023.05.04