Anthoula Enjoying the Sea Walk near the White Tower Thessalonica
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AA 2022.06.08 Happy Birthday, Anthoula – Daddy Loves and Miss You Endlessly
My Dearest Anthoula,
My Love Knows No Distance Anthoula and Alexandra

Happy Birthday my Love – Χρόνια πολλά
Χρόνια πολλά κι αν δε σε δω Εγώ για σένα είμαι εδώ
Ήθελα μόνο να σου πω Χρόνια πολλά και σ’ αγαπώ Your Daddy, Nicolaos

Another year has passed, and you will have your Birthday again in a couple of days. You will be ten years old, isn’t that incredible! I imagine how we would celebrate your Birthday in Hellas Anthoula together with all our Friends who Love you and Miss You very much……………

Thus, Daddy is very sad and full of pain in his heart that he is not allowed to celebrate this special day together with You and Alexandra. He is not even allowed to talk with you on the phone because some disabled and primitive minds decided so………..!

Therefore, Daddy has to find out and get information about you and Alexandra in another way……………..! Daddy never rests or gives up. I am always around you in one way or another, and it does not matter how much your mom, Liudmila, and some primitives try to cut me off from you. They will never succeed!

Remember, my dear Anthoula, that Daddy will never give up on you and Alexandra. Daddy will continue to fight until we are together again, and Daddy will succeed…..!

Happy Birthday, My Dearest Anthoula, and have a wonderful day full of Surprises with our
Alexandra. Daddy Loves You Endlessly and Unconditionally………

Happy Birthday Anthoula

Daddy is going back to Hellas in a few days to make some restorations in our home and rest a little. Some photos on the Website Daddy created for You and Alexandra, Action Against Child Abduction, are from our home in Hellas when we went there for Holidays in 2016. Daddy will send You pictures of our home when the restoration is completed.

Since Daddy published your Website Action Against Child Abduction in 2020, little more than 110,000 people have visited it. Although Daddy was very surprised when he found your website’s statistics, the numbers were beyond his expectations. Therefore, Daddy will continue improving and making your Website, Action Against Child Abduction, better and more effective. In addition, Daddy is cooperating with translators from Ukraine and Slovakia, translating the majority of your website into Russian, Ukrainian, and Slovak, a project that will finally be finished.

It has been five hard years without you, Anthoula, and Alexandra because Daddy is never told anything about you and your little sister. I would be so happy if your mamma Liudmila allowed us to study together as planned. That is why Daddy sent you a Laptop and bought a Whiteboard last summer so we could meet and learn online. But your mom, Liudmila suddenly changed her mind. Perhaps Mama Liudmila is still afraid to lose control over you and Alexandra?

In any case, Daddy still has the whiteboard at home, and from time to time, I use it to solve some mathematical problems. Daddy likes to stay up and write on the whiteboard, and he constantly thinks of you, Anthie’ and Alexandra when solving a problem.

I want you to know that I am very proud of you, Anthoula and Alexandra because I know that you are two young girls with brilliant minds who will figure out in the end what crime has been committed against you.

Tragically, your mom and some primitive minds decided to destroy your future and educational development to make you fit into a sick and corrupt system that is collapsing day by day.

Try to stay strong, my dear Anthoula, and look after your little sister Alexandra. I know you can do it because you are a highly intelligent girl with more intellect than all the primitives surrounding you and Alexandra.

Remember that Daddy Loves you and Alexandra more than anything else in this world and
Daddy will never give up on You both.
Daddy will never satisfy your mamma’s wish to destroy you. Remember, YOU ARE DOUBLE.

My Love for Anthie and Alexandra

I Love You Endlessly, Anthoula, Your Daddy Nicolaos

Nicolaos Cheropoulos 
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra 
Published 2022.06.08 
Reviewed, 2023.05.01