Anthie’ and Alexandra just woke up
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AA 2023.12.31 Happy New Year, Anthoula and Alexandra. Papa Loves you Endlessly…….

There is not a moment that Papa is not thinking of you, Anthoula, and Alexandra.

There is not a moment that Papa is not trying to discover ways to expose the primitive people who are trying to destroy you both. Papa will not let that happen as long as he is alive, my dearest Anthoula and Alexandra.

With Love And Happy New Year, my Dearest Anthoula and Alexandra

My Love for Anthie and Alexandra

2024.01.01 Amendment:

My dearest Anthoula and Alexandra, may this New Year make all your wishes and desires come true. Papa will be there for you whenever you need him. I found the following text in Russian that summarizes everything Papa would like to express about the primitive Andrei Lemeshonok and his Sect:

“Ольга считает, что проект монастыря был замечательным, его благословил Митрополит Филарет, чьим именем везде прикрываются свято-елисаветинцы, но это проект был совершенно испорчен на практике. «В отличие от умного, интеллигентного, образованного Филарета, Лемешонок не учится, не читает, постоянно манипулирует Божией волей. В этом основная беда монастыря. Вместо настоящего христианского служения получилась секта во главе с необразованным, хитрым манипулятором», — к такому выводу пришла сестра Ольга”.

“Olga believes that the monastery project was wonderful. It was blessed by Metropolitan Philaret, whose name is everywhere covered by the St. Elizabethans, but this project was completely spoiled in practice. “Unlike the clever, intelligent, educated Filaret, Lemeshonok does not study, does not read, and constantly manipulates God’s will. This is the main misfortune of the monastery. Instead of a real Christian ministry, a sect headed by an uneducated, cunning manipulator”, – this is the conclusion Sister Olga came to”.

Unfortunately, Mama is swimming in deep, dangerous, and dirty waters. I don’t know if she has the strength to get out of there, to save you both and herself. But Papa will help her if she asks me for help.

Papa has a lot of work to do this year. Nobody will destroy my two bright and wonderful daughters. NOBODY!!

I Love You, Anthoula and Alexandra
Your Daddy, Nicolaos