Language Lessons in EN-GR

Anthie and Alexandra in Hellas July 2016
I am always close to You Anthie' and Alexandra

Language Material for Anthie’ and Alexandra

Combined English-Greek Language Lessons

Dear Anthoula and Alexandra, 

Daddy has uploaded combined educational material in English and Greek so you can study English and Greek Language simultaneously.

Daddy has been asking and begging your Mommy for many years to let you attend lessons in the Hellenic language. But for some reason, your Mom is always refusing my proposal.

I guess your Mommy doesn’t want us to overcome the purposely raised language barrier so we can talk with each other freely. That is Sad and Tragical and proves only how fragile her authority over you is.

I hope she will at least let you study the Hellenic language in combination with English so you can improve your English too, and best of all, Mommy can learn together with you!

Daddy also created a section on your Website with material in Mathematics so you can use it as a reference and find answers to problems when you get stuck. This is only the start and Daddy will improve the Data Base ASAP so it will cover most of the topics.

I Miss and Love You Anthie’ and Alexandra

Your Daddy,