Rule of Law à la Belarus

Rule of Law à la Belarus Alice in Wonderland
Rule of Law à la Belarus-Alice in Wonderland

Judicial Corruption and Political Prostitution

Denial of Justice and the Perversion of Law

The Supreme Court of Belarus

Supreme Court of Belarus

Consider yourself lucky if your child/children have been Abducted
into a civilized and law-respecting country!

However, suppose your children have been abducted into a country under heavy Censorship and Dictatorship. That lives its own life, completely ignoring any International Laws, The Hague Convention, mandatory procedures, morals, or ethics, then prepare yourself to face Denial of Justice, Discrimination, and Disappointments.

Since the Abduction of my daughters in 2017, I have gone thru an exhausting legal battle in Belarus, where Political & Judicial corruption is “FUNDAMENTAL” in every corner of Belarusian society and recognized by “Political Prostitutes”. I regret to inform all of you reading my desperate reach out for “HELP” that, unfortunately, Belarusian authorities do not follow and do not respect The Hague Convention protocols.

Belarus is basically an Offshore State for Abducting Parents who are Belarusian Citizens!

After intensive litigation in Belarus since 2017, which ended in April 2020, going through all the levels of Courts and Prosecutors, I finally reached the Supreme Court of Belarus, where I believed that “Justice” would prevail and be skipped.

However, I was wrong! 

Belarus’s denial of Justice, Perversion, the Vandalism of domestic laws, and International treaties are total. Moreover, these Public Servants, chosen by Aleksander Lukashenko to represent the judiciary authorities of the country, from the Minister of Justice to Prosecutors and Judges, actually feel pleasure in humiliating and intimidating you as a foreign citizen. Moreover, not to mention these “Political Prostitutes” attitudes towards the Belarusian citizens. 

When you read through the details of how they justify their decisions, you will be pulling your hair in disbelief when realizing how far they can go with their abuse of any common sense or even self-respect.

For a long time, I believed the denial attitude against me was because I am a foreign citizen, but I was wrong!

Unfortunately, the Authorities treat the Belarusian citizens, even worse!

A shining example of this was the Presidential election process in 2020, where people were killed and detained with fabricated allegations.

The Judicial Authorities of Belarus are not independent, but in close relation and interaction with the Political Mafia of Belarus and act as a tool to maintain the Totalitarian Regime of Lukashenko!


Belarus, Bandits, and the Russian Mafia

Attorney Ms. Martha Poni from Hellas (Greece) conducted an excellent legal analysis of The Hague Case and Custody Case and sent a “Final Letter” to the Deputy Chairman and judge of the Supreme Court, Mr. A.A. Zabara, to express her frustration with committed atrocities.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2020
Revised, Oct. 2023
Rule of Law à la Belarus
Rule of Law à la Belarus
Rule of Law à la Belarus