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On May 10, 2017, the Swedish MFA received confirmation from its counterpart in Belarus that it had registered The Hague Case request concerning the abduction of my children. However, the Belarusian MFA provided minimal information about the Abductor, Ms. Trafimovich. Instead, the Central Authority of Belarus recommended that I should go through a mediation process. 

What is very interesting, Mr. Aleksey Alekseevich Alyoshin, “Head of the International Cooperation Department”, actually recommended a specific law firm called “Law and Family Mediation” that was allegedly specialized in mediation and family matters.

My attorney in Sweden, Ms. L.R., who speaks the Russian language fluently, tried to communicate with the representative of LiudmilaTrafimovich after the hearing in August 2017, hoping that she would be able to find a compromise so that I could have access to my children and meet with them while The Hague Case was pending.

After that, Ms. L.R. tried to talk with Attorney Irina Bagnich, she called me back, horrified, saying, “This attorney must have severe mental problems! It was impossible to talk with her professionally”!

All the lawyers and other parties involved in my case understood very quickly what kind of tactics and strategy was applied by this law office. Their main plan is to cut you off from your children as much as possible and use it as a blackmail tool to force you to accept their terms and conditions.

To all of you visiting this page, don’t fall into this mediation trap, especially if you are litigating in a Lawless State like Belarus! Instead, seek International and qualified mediation support to have a “FAIR” Mediation process!

The law office “Law and Family Mediation” that represented Ms. Trafimovich, also published a primitive, pitiful and amateurish article. It was poorly written, accusing, defaming, and slandering me and the whole of Scandinavia (Sweden). The article was not only pathetic and poorly written, but insulted anyone’s intelligence and common sense.  My attorneys in Belarus noticed this article, but did not tell me anything because they considered it trash.

These two ladies are aggressive lawyers with no scruples, and most importantly, they are loyal to the totalitarian regime of Lukashenko. Because of their loyalty alone, sometimes they appear in the media accepting awards from high-ranked officials in good old Soviet style. Other than this, they are two mediocre professionals with a lack of ethics and morals because they deliberately chose to ignore The Hague Convention’s principles and anything related to the “Rights of Children”.

As long as there are attorneys like Elena Zhdanovich and Irina Bagnich with no independent Bar Association, Belarus will continue to be a lawless state without any judicial security and justice, ruled by incompetent and mentally disabled public servants without any dignity.

In November 2018, my Attorneys, Mr. Alexander K. and Ms. Elena M., also published a professional article explaining the consequences and analyzing The Hague Convention regarding Child Abduction.

In April 2019, I managed to publish an article (TuT. BY) about my case in Belarus. Please note that this article has been published thanks to my own efforts and without involvement from my representatives in Minsk.

I asked the reporter (A.G.) to invite Ms. Trafimovich and her representative Irina Bagnich to allow them to explain themselves – this was my precondition presented to the journalist A.G. However, they never gave me the same chance.

Liudmila Trafimovich and her representative did not disappoint anyone. In response, they continued to defame and slander Sweden and me to justify and escape from the main issue, the actual ABDUCTION of my children.

On May 18, 2021, the Dictator Lukashenko sealed the TUT.BY office, detained everyone inside, and blocked access to its website.

In total, seven articles have been published about the abduction of my daughters Anthoula and Alexandra.  Also, the Swedish Radio “SR” made a  documentary about the Kidnapping of my children. The documentary about the Abduction of my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra on the 18th of April 2017 was on the air in early June 2020 with the engagement and execution of SR (Sveriges Radio).

Nicolaos A.A. Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2020
Revised, Oct. 2023
Anthie and Alexandra are playing with Dandelions
In a Cafe with Alexandra early in the Summer 2016
Celebrating Anthoulas fourth Birthday 2016.05.29
On a Picknik few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas 2017
Photo from published article by Tut.BY
Photo from published article by Tut.By
Elena Zhdanovich and Irina Bagnich-Both "Ladies", should be locked in the cage behind them.
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