Actors of the Tragedy

Celebrating Anthoulas fourth Birthday 2016.05.29
Liudmila Trafimovich Stockholm, June 2016
About Liudmila Trarafimovich

Ms. Liudmila Trafimovich, the Abductor of Anthie’ & Alexandra, could never accept that our children loved me a lot. She was jealous of that – yes, of our children loving their father. Before our children were born, there was no “competition” around her, but she soon realized that the world would not just revolve around her after they were born. 

Liudmila also realized that caring for the children also requires a lot of work and self-sacrifice. So, she decided to destroy their life’s in the name of “Ultra-Nationalism”, “Extremism,” and “Religion” in a Monastery School in Minsk, Belarus, under the priest Andrei Lemenshonok’s influence and control!

AA 2022.04.18 Open Letter to Anthie’ & Alexandra – Today, you were Kidnapped five years ago
Alexandras Babtism day Sept. 09 2015
Mariya Khatsanovska-Мария Хацановская
Participant in the Abduction

Mariya Khatsanovska aka Mariya Kaberska, the Godmother of my daughter Alexandra. A Putin addict & “Ultra-Nationalist” promoting the “Russian World” helped Ms. Trafimovich Abduct my children Anthie’ & Alexandra 2017.04.18. 

While living in Sweden, she also had a close relationship with Priest Vitaly Babushin. Mariya Khatsanovska, fka Kaberska, moved to London at the end of 2019 and is working in a company named Deliveroo.

Before Mariya Kaberska left Sweden, she changed her family name to Khatsanovska, which is the family name of her partner. The people who are involved and have insight into the Abduction of Anthie’ and Alexandra know the reason. Thus, it didn’t help her much to cover up her identity and stay anonymous.

SW 2022.04.01 The Abduction of my Children and Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska’s Involvement

Professional profile of Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska

Andrei Lemeshonok and the Covid Outbreak at the Monastery Easter 2020
Priest Andrei Lemeshonok St. Elisabeths Convent in Minsk
The Face of Neo-Nazi and Fascism at St. Elisabeth Convent 2023.01.07
Andrei Lemeshonok's Scandals
About Priest Andrei Lemeshonok in Minsk

Priest Andrei Lemeshonok & Sankt Elisabeths Convent Minsk is another “Ultra-Nationalist” who runs a Business in Minsk with the pretext of a Monastery, keeping my daughter’s Captives in this so-called Monastery School promoting the “Russian World” and Putin. Of course, in the name of God and without hesitation, he is accusing mothers of raising their sons poorly! Sons whom Lukashenko and his terror Gang killed

I wonder how this Monastery Business could expand so quickly without the participation & backup of other “Actors” in the background(?). 

Can it be just a Vitrine for other activities, like money laundry?

BY 2020.11.26 Priest Andrei Lemeshonok: “The Mother should repent because she raised her son Badly”

The question should be; how did this primitive raise his son?

Alexandras Babtism day Sept. 09 2015
Priest Vitaliy Babushin "ROC" Baptizing Alexandra 2015 Stockholm
About Priest Vitaliy Babushin in Stockholm

Priest Vitaliy Babushin and The Russian Church at Mariatorget in Stockholm, Sweden, played a considerable role in the Abduction of my Daughters’ Anthie’ and Alexandra. 

Vitaliy Babushin is also known as a Putin Phanatic & “Ultra-Nationalist”, who heavily promotes the “Russian World” and Putin instead of preaching God’s word.

He is also badmouthing Sweden with articles written in the Russian language. One dedicated to Sweden is “WE WALK HERE AS IN THE LAND OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH”. 

SW 2022.05.06 Russian Church prays for “victory over the enemy” (Ukraine)

SW 2019.03.19 “Building of Russian orthodox church in Sweden presents a potential security threat”


Putin and Lukashenko - Love Story to Death
Putin-Lukashenko Love Story to Death
State Bodies of Belarus

The mental mindset of the Public Servants and some Lawyers in Belarus can be described as a severe “Inferiority & Wannabe Complex”. These individuals literally find pleasure in making people as miserable and humiliated as possible. 

That is how they validate their own feeling of importance and power. Unfortunately, as we know, such behavior typically occurs when it is encouraged from the top.

We have been given many examples of this Lawlessness and Authoritarian Policies used in the recent Election Process in Belarus. Were we experienced how the authorities treat their citizens like Mr. Tikhanovsky S., Mr. Babarika V. with his son, and Mr. Tsepkalo V., to name a few of them!

Sweden Knows Best
Sweden Knows Best (!?)
The Sleeping Kingdom of Sweden

Due to my despair of not being allowed to meet and communicate with my children in a civilized and humane way, I started to send appeals to NGOs and State Bodies in Sweden, Belarus, and other Countries. Because unfortunately, my children’s human rights and my parental and custodial rights were systematically ignored by the Belarusian authorities. At the same time, I was facing a constant denial of justice, discrimination, and vandalism of The Hague Treaty. 

However, I also realized that Sweden, where my children were born and are citizens, acts just like formal paper pushers. At the same time, one can read the following on the website presentation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (ex-minister Ann Linde) in Sweden;

“As more and more democracies are challenged around the world, Sweden must continue to be a strong and respected voice for peace, freedom, and human rights. Our foreign policy should contribute to, in cooperation with others, strengthening the safety and security of our immediate area and globally. That is how we protect fundamental democratic rights and common security worldwide”.


Attornyes in Greece-Sweden-Belarus
Attorneys in Greece-Sweden-Belarus
Attorneys in Hellas - Sweden - Belarus

Based on my litigation experience as a foreigner in Belarus, I strongly suggest that any Belarusian attorney duly notify their International clients immediately that there is no judicial security in Belarus and that lawlessness prevails. Therefore, it is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve any justice through the Belarusian courts when litigating for the return of your children or when trying to defend your fundamental human rights. 

Unfortunately, however, foreigners do not know this. They also do not know that the Head of the Belarusian Bar Association is the extension and puppet of the unrecognized Belarusian Government in Belarus and the Ministry of Justice.

With their passivity and civil absence, they indirectly support the Lawlessness and Judicial Corruption in the Totalitarian State of Belarus. If there ever is an attorney who dares to raise their voice to protest this, they are suppressed and denied to exercise their profession because the State Mafia will cancel their attorney’s license.

Currently, the head of the national Bar Association, Victor Chaychits, is a member of the upper chamber of parliament. He told the Lawyers to vote for Lukashenko yet asserted that lawyers shouldn’t talk about political matters publicly because otherwise, one breaches legal ethics.

Victor Chaychits doesn’t serve the law; he is a former policeman. He only has this position because it was given to him by the ex-Minister of Justice O.L. SLIZHEVSKIY.