Anthoula and Alexandra
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AA 2021.05.07 A New Parcel with presents was sent to my Children, and the previous one sent on 2021.04.22 is under investigation by PostNord Sweden.

A New Parcel with clothes, shoes, and gifts was sent to my Daughters Anthie’ & Alexandra with the Swedish post company PostNord.

PostNord got a new Transport System

I hope and pray that this time the parcel will be sent to the right address, to my Kids in Minsk, Belarus, and not to Russia, as the previously sent parcel with a Laptop, educational material (Math & English), and gifts to my beloved Children.

The previously sent parcel, which was sent on 2021.04.22, was sent to Russia instead of Belarus despite the fact that I gave the correct information about the receiver in Belarus. I guess that for the employee of PostNord, Belarus, and Russia was the same country.

The whole situation is under investigation, and I hope that it will be possible for Post Nord to divert the parcel from Russia to Belarus directly so my children and I can start to study online together ASAP.

I kindly would like to say to Post Nord. A child will not care about your explanations and your incompetence in performing your job professionally. It will not ease the disappointment in my children’s souls? If any of you at Post Nord by chance would think so, then something is very wrong, to express me mildly!

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2021