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AA 2021.06.02 Finally, the parcel that was wrongfully sent to St. Petersburg – Russia, arrived in Minsk.
On the 22nd of April, I sent a parcel to my children with educational material for Math, grades 1-6, a Laptopand a music box with a ballerina inside, which Anthie’ asked for.

Anthoula and Alexandra

I am eager to start teaching my Kids Math and English so they can improve their Math and English skills, especially because Anthie’ asked for it.

The mother of my daughters, Ms. Trafimovich, didn’t say or ask me anything about the Laptop I have sent them so we can study and communicate with each other. I made the complete setup of the computer, and I would like to instruct her how we can connect through Google Meet, which I am using in Sweden for education purposes.

Some days earlier they received another parcel which I sent on the 7th of May with clothes and shoes together with chocolate and some other gifts for my children. On the 10th of May, I sent two other parcels with Anthie’s birthday presents and some presents to Alexandra. The two last parcels were sent to my contact in Minsk, who arranged the birthday celebration of Anthie’ on the 8th of June.

I want to surprise Anthie’ with a special birthday cake and some other presents for her and her little sister Alexandra. I hope that Anthie’ and Alexandra will feel joy and happiness when they receive their presents and birthday cake this day 😊.

A couple of days ago, I also sent some money to Ms. Trafimovich (enough to have a nice dinner for three people) and suggested taking our children and herself to a nice restaurant to celebrate their birthdays. I think it will be good for them. Alexandra, Ms. Trafimovich, and Anthie’ have their birthdays very close to each other, and I would like them to go out and celebrate all together for a change. That would make me happy. I didn’t get any answer yet regarding my proposal from Ms. Trafimovich. I know that Anthie’ would very much like to go to a restaurant, we did it together in Sweden, in secret, a couple of times and she loved it.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2021