Anthie’ and Alexandra just woke up
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AA 2022.01.20 Postcards sent to my beloved Daughters Anthie’ & Alexandra so they will know that I exist……..

Postcards sent to my Beloved Daughters Anthie’ & Alexandra

Since October 2021, I have been sending postcards to my Kids. I start to do this, hoping that I will be able to reach out to them so they will know that I love and think of them every day. Thus, I know that the censorship implemented by their mother, Ms. Trafimovich, is very strict, but hope is the last thing that dies.

Postcard to Anthie and Alexandra

Postcard to Anthie

Dear Anthie’ and Alexandra, Daddy will continue to reach out to you until he succeeds in getting in contact with you. Daddy will send a Postcard to each one of You every 10-14 days (and chocolate).

I Love You Anthie and Alexandra

I love You and miss You,
Your Daddy Nicolaos
Stockholm, Jan. 2022