Profile of the Abductor

Russian Woman Network-Liudmila Trafimovich Minsk 2004-2006
Liudmila Trafimovich - The Abductor

Psychological Profile of Liudmila

Psychological Traumas

Summary of the traumatic events that most likely lead to
Liudmila’s current Psychological state

The consequences of Child Abduction and PAS

#  Stressed relationship with her authoritarian and despotic mother when she was young. Liudmila was deprived of many things because she was a girl.

#  Her father raised her and her sister for many years when their mother was hospitalized.

#  She had a stressed relationship with her elder sister, who didn’t have a good relationship with her mother, and she also abused alcohol. Liudmila and her sister often quarreled while their mother was alive.

#  Insecure with very low self-esteem. Liudmila often called herself a “Parasite”, and I argued with her because it showed a lack of self-respect. I didn’t understand the reason back then.

#  Problems with cooperating (at work) with other women but not with men. Liudmila told me that she always had a problem collaborating with other women at work in Belarus and told me that her colleagues in Sweden called her Hitler.

#  Pathological jealousy. I was not allowed to talk and look at other women at all, even if they were our friends. I avoided referring to my female colleagues at work, especially Russian ones because Liudmila automatically considered them prostitutes. It went so far that I always looked down on the street when we went out to walk to avoid any scandals.

#  Jealous of the affection our children showed me. Liudmila could not handle the excellent relationship I had with our children, where dialog and respect were the cornerstones in our relationship.

#  She never realized that her authoritarian attitude (such as that of her mother towards her) was slowly destroying her relationship with our children because they were afraid of her. I know that Anthie’ continues to fear her.

#  She had difficulties accepting that our children felt secure and safe with me and came to me when they felt troubled.

#  Liudmila could not accept and understand that I was considering our children to be of the highest priority and that they are the center of my life. I would be thrilled if she would feel the same for our children.

#  Instead, she created scandals and told me that she was the Queen and the priority in our home, not our children (if she wanted to be the Queen, perhaps she should not have children!).

#  Over time, I learned to avoid Liudmila’s provocations because I had enough of her unbalanced behavior. But instead, she started to treat Anthie’ harshly and brutally just to hurt me.

And finally, her thirst to be in control of everything resulted in the abduction because, ultimately, she thinks that our children are a commodity. Therefore, Liudmila believes she can do whatever she wants with them even if it destroys their lives in the name of “Extremism” and “Religion” promoted in the Monastery under the control of Priest Andrei Lemeshonok.

Nicolaos A.A. Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2020
Revised, Oct. 2023