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Child Abduction and The Consequences


The consequences of Child Abduction and PAS

To all of you who truly do not understand the consequences of Child Abduction and the “Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)” on children, please find some important information and sources to familiarize yourself with the topic. 

Parent who claims to love their children would never force and manipulate their children with Despotic and ruthless methods to reject the other parent. That parent has already lost, and in most cases, that parent has severe emotional disorders and purposely destroys and endangers that child to satisfy their jealousy and ego.

#2022 Dr. Bob Evans Alienation Cases – Parental Alienation: From Couch to Courtroom and Beyond

#Aug 2021 Japan is the Black Hole of Child Abduction and US is Enabling Japan – James Cook, Left Behind Parent

Nicolaos A.A. Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2022
Revised, Oct. 2023
Anthie and Alexandra are playing with Dandelions
In a Cafe with Alexandra early in the Summer 2016
Celebrating Anthoulas fourth Birthday 2016.05.29
On a Picknik few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas 2017
SW 2020.06.16 Documentary about the Abduction of my Daughters
Photo from published article by Tut.BY
Photo from published article by Tut.By
Elena Zhdanovich and Irina Bagnich-Both "Ladies", should be locked in the cage behind them.
BY 2017.10.27 Separation from a Foreigner! Belarusian Women Take Their Children Home and “Accused of Abduction” (!?)
Белорусские женщины похищают своих детей...
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