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Let Them Love Stop Parental Alienation
I am always close to You Anthie' and Alexandra

Dedicated to my Abducted Daughters

Private PMs to Anthie' and Alexandra

It may be that I don’t see You……… It may be that I don’t hear You every day………. But I am thinking of You and Love You EVERY DAY…………..

I am always close to You Anthie’ and Alexandra, Your Daddy, Nicolaos

My Love for Anthie and Alexandra

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm Oct. 2022
Birthday Card sent to my Daughter Anthoula 2024.05.11
AA 2024.05.27 Happy Birthday on the 8th of June Dear Anthie'
Happy 13th birthday, my precious Anthie’, As...
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Do You Remember Dad - Best Social Justice Film
The White Tower in Thessalonica with Anthoula and Alexandra
On a Picknik few days after our return from Holidays in Hellas 2017
MARIA BAKHVALOVA - Choir Leader and one of Lemeshonok's Sect Member's
Alexandras Babtism day Sept. 09 2015
Anthie’ and Alexandra just woke up
AA 2023.10.31 Letter to Anthoula and Alexandra related to the Ichvis School they attend
Несколько дней назад я получил коллективное...
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Anthoula visits Stockholms City Hall together with her little sister Alexandra and her mother Liudmila, to explore the site where the famous Nobel Price Ceremonies take place
My Sunshine Alexandra makes us all happy with her Beautiful Smile
Anthoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016
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